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The History of Taylormade Golf

Taylormade Golf Company is one of the best names when it comes to this sport. Beginners and professionals alike go to them for all kinds of golf equipment. Seeing that “T” emblem on a club would mean it is made of high quality materials. When people talk about golf equipment, Taylormade is always mentioned in their conversations. For a young company which just started in the late 70’s, how could they form such a big name in the industry?

Taylormade golfThe brain behind the company was all from Gary Adams. He started a humble life as a golf salesman. He sold equipment such as clubs, gloves and golf bags. During that time, woods were really made out of wood. He started playing golf as well and the two-piece ball was newly invented. He wondered why the balls didn’t go as far as intended. He realized that the golf ball was not really the problem. The clubs needed to be upgraded as well. Why didn’t anyone think of inventing better clubs?

Adams spent many sleepless nights developing the right club to hit the golf ball farther. He tried many materials to mix with the woods to make it more effective in driving longer tees. Finally, he thought of using metals for the wood heads. He noticed that using metal to hit the golf ball made it go farther than the wood. It was also easier to swing than what people used back then.

Adams thought that his new discovery might be a big hit in the golf industry. He needed money to be able to bring his invention to the market. Since he was not a rich man, he loaned his house for $24,000 to start the company. He also leased a 6,000 square foot building in McHenry, Illinois. It is hard to imagine that when Taylormade Golf was born, they only had three employees. There was only one available kind of club then. Only a 12-degree stainless steel driver was offered. Golfers were kind of hesitant to try out the new products because they got so used to using traditional woods.

Taylormade Golf made their first major breakthrough in the annual PGA Merchandise Show. Adams showed his invention to his fellow golf enthusiasts and it gained popularity. People noticed that using a metal driver is a big help in driving long shot. The angle and speed was perfect that it was way more effective than using the old woods. At the end of the event, people started referring his products to others. The company got numerous orders that reached up to $50,000. That is where Taylormade Golf made history.

Eventually, their line of products increased and they started introducing innovations to the golf industry. In 1983, the Burner driver was introduced. It introduced the concept of a lower angle to get a higher speed. It is a club made especially for aerodynamics. Instantly, people loved it. The company grew even more popular.

In 2007, the company added another innovation to their collection. They added adjustable weights for the burner series. This adds more flexibility to the club which makes it newbie-friendly. Even amateur players invested in buying Taylormade products.

Not soon after, they became the leaders for golf equipment. Gary Adams was a very innovative man and he continued producing high quality products until he sold his company.

In 1997, Adidas bought the company but still did not change the name. Taylormade golf was still the name of the brand that produced high quality equipment for golf.

During Adams’ lifetime, he garnered many awards for his ingenuity. 1984, he was honored as the “Man of the Year” by the National Golf Foundation. He was also given the Ernie Sabayrac Award in 1995.

In 1998, he was diagnosed with cancer. After 2 years of battling the said condition, he lost his life. He may be gone but every golfer would still be benefiting from his legacy.

Pure Weight Loss – HCG Drops

There are 3 major pillars that you are going to traverse when you’re looking at losing weight in today’s modern world. There are the simple things that you can traverse, and there are the complex options out there. Whatever it is you want to go with, you’ll find that you can definitely get through a variety of solutions that are going to pay off dividends and some things that are not going to pay off at all. Finding a way to balance things correctly is tough, but if you stick to the 3 pillars of fitness, you will definitely make gains, that’s for sure. Take a moment to explore the following 3 major elements of losing weight, and you will see that you can go far in this framework.

Nutritional Composition

1hcgdropsThe first thing that you should work within is eating the right foods. Food is the fuel that the body needs most. When you work within this opportunity, you are going to end up with a proper balance of nutritional elements that can give you a leg up in terms of managing your caloric intake and loss. Losing calories is not just a matter of finding a way to introduce one or two options into your frame. Instead, look at the things that give you the most benefit, like whole grains, fruits, and leafy green vegetables. Load up on these things, even if you don’t like how they taste, and you will start to see that your body will start to shift in terms of calories, and weight loss. The goal here is to drop serious weight overall and create a balance that is not easy to run away from.

Deliberate Exercise

There are a lot of different ways that you can look at this, but the best way to do so is through the use of fun. Find something that is going to allow you to have a bit of fun with your movements. Whether it’s jumping rope or jogging, figure out a way to get inspired and start to run through the right areas. If you do that, you will end up with a positive solution moving forward, and will definitely make gains. Deliberate exercise is something that is not going to change any time soon, and it’s something that you’re going to absolutely want to explore as a whole. You can’t go wrong with this, that’s for sure.

Supplements – HCG

The best thing that you can do in conjunction with the above pillars is use this supplement. HCG is something that is going to help you gain serious opportunity with. It helps from the inside out, delivering enzymes that help your body’s building blocks. The body as it stands has a metabolic system that can be helped and guided with the use of this fat burning item. It helps you throughout your day, so that you are going to end up seeing the changeover fast, and you will burn through caloric elements overall.

The goal here is to reduce your calories through nutrition, burn fat through exercise, and keep burning through the fat cells in your body with the use of hcg supplements. Those three pillars together will give you faster results, than any other methodology that you may chase. It’s something that is positively worth chasing in a lot of ways. Getting into this solution, is a good thing, and it will definitely showcase positive results up front. Over time, however, you are going to find that this I can help give you a fighting chance at maintaining balance and more overall. It’s just a good idea to consider, and test out amidst health and wellness.

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Common Uses of Military Coins

Military coins are a type of challenge coin used in the armed forces, particular in the US, to signify membership, allegiance, and brotherhood to a certain branch of military service and all its members. Each piece displays the unique insignia or emblem of the specific military unit in which the bearer is a part of.

However, the most popular use of military challenge coins is for “challenging.” Challenging is a long-standing tradition of the United States armed forces that goes back to World War I. There have been many stories and legends on how a simple military coin has saved the lives of countless American soldiers during combat. Because of that, all fighters are commanded to carry their military coins at all times, especially during the heat of battle.

military coinsTo ensure that each one of their brothers in arms is carrying their own coins, the tradition of challenging was born. This is basically done with one soldier showing his coin to another soldier, and the other soldier revealing his afterward. It is a simple gesture of concern and loyalty among US soldiers that is believed to have boosted the morale of the soldiers back then.

Modern day challenging is still done in the same way, but with an added twist. When either the challenger or the challenged fails to reveal his coin, the one without a coin will have to buy the one that was able to show it a drink in the local bar where they are hanging out. However, more than that, challenging has been a symbol of camaraderie and friendship.

Contemporary military coins have very intricate and elaborate designs as compared to their earlier versions. It became so popular in today’s armed forces that its function is now way beyond being only a sign of association.

To enlighten you with such facts, here are some of the most common uses of military coins today:

1. As a symbol of membership – as already mentioned, one of the primary functions of a military coin is to be a proof of membership of the bearer to a particular military branch.

2. To build morale – especially during wars, even the current conflicts today, American soldiers are using this to encourage and lift the spirits of their colleagues. Some soldiers even exchange their pieces with one another as a act of support and wish of good fortune.

3. For “challenging” – this activity was already explained above and is perhaps the most prevalent use of military challenge coins. Challenging has become a gesture not only of fun and friendship, but also of loyalty and reliability. It is most often done only between members of the same unit, as different groups may have different rules when it comes to challenging.

4. As an award – military challenge coins are also often used as an award to recognize a soldier for exemplary performance or outstanding service. This is also occasionally given to non-military personnel as an award for an exceptional feat. Coins are passed through from the giver to the recipient by a left handshake, with the coin moving from the right hand of the giver to the right hand of the receiver.

5. As a token for VIPs – to date, military coins are also used to recognize and give honor to event guests of high rank or status such as politicians, military commanders, and foreign leaders.

6. To be collected as a hobby – military challenge coins are also collected as a hobby by certain people, most of them retired servicemen and numismatists. One of the most popular people who collect them is former US president Bill Clinton. His official portrait in the White House shows his challenge coins collection in the background.

How to Order Customized Logo Lanyards

Logo lanyards are popular accessories commonly seen as ID holders for student, employees and organization members. Though logo lanyards are intended for easy identification, it can be used to carry keys and electronic devices such as IPods and USBs.

Logo lanyards can be customized to carry logos or texts of organizations or companies. To order customized logo lanyards here are some steps to follow.

When ordering customized lanyards, the first step is sending the design of the log or text that will be used in making the lanyard. The customer will also specify the length and size of the lanyard. Is it a neck lanyard or a wrist lanyard?

After that, other details such as the type of material and printing technique will be included in the customer’s order form. Also, specify the number of lanyards to be ordered.

logo lanyardsThe types of materials that can be used in making lanyards are leather, polyester, nylon, woven, dye sublimation, tubular lanyards and blank lanyards.

Polyester lanyards are made from polyester. This is one of the most inexpensive lanyard materials. However, even though it is cheaper, it is used in making good quality lanyards.

The nylon lanyards are usually more expensive and of higher quality. It has a smoother and softer finish. It is made of thicker and sturdier material compared to polyester and woven lanyards. It is very durable and functional.

Another type of lanyard is the tubular lanyard. This one is also made from polyester but the materials are woven to make a tube like form that is similar to shoe laces.

The woven lanyard is made using different colored fibers. These fibers are woven to create the logo or design. This does not need any printing technique since the design is made as the base of the lanyard is woven.

The different techniques used in transferring the design are screen printing, full color stamping, hot stamping, dye sublimation and embossing.

Embossing is used to make 3D or raised designs on the lanyard. This is more suitable for leather lanyards. Hot stamping on the other hand, uses a metal plate engraved with the designs and a color film. Heat is used to transfer the color and the design onto the lanyard. This technique is commonly used in designing lanyards made from polyester.

Screen printing uses screens to print the design onto the lanyard. Though less expensive, it requires more work and is done manually. This technique involves spraying or squeezing ink through a fine screen or silk mesh which contains the design. This technique is used when making fine printed designs. This is also used in making lanyards for school or office use.

The last method is the full color method. The name comes from the use of full color. Compared to other techniques which only use the primary and secondary colors, the full color method has a wider range of colors used in transferring the design. It also involves the use of cyan, magenta, black and yellow to intensify the color of the design. This technique is used in making high quality lanyards that are weather and scratch resistant. Designs made using this technique do not fade easily and lasts for years.

Dye sublimation is another technique used in making lanyards. This involves making the design to appear on both sides of the lanyard. However, one side has a clearer and stronger print of the design while the other side has a somewhat faded print of the design.

No matter what type of material or technique is used in making the lanyards, customers won’t be disappointed with the output. All of the lanyards are made with care and precision to preserve the quality and durability of the product.

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Benefits of Using Movable Cubicle

Believe or not, the movable cubicle has been used for more than a decade already, and in many different ways too. Nowadays, the movable cubicle can come in variety of sizes and has the option to be moved around from a location to the next location. It is highly recommended for people who move a lot. These movable cubicles have a lot of uses which make it attractive not only for residential but also for commercial use too since they can store a lot of items which are not being used or needed anymore.

Here are the benefits you can get if you will be leasing or purchase these movable cubicles:


The number one benefit you will get from these movable cubicles is movability or portability. A movable cubicle is normally 20 to 40 feet in size, with the width of 8 feet and height of 8.6 feet, making it big enough to fit in the driveway or parking space in the comforts of the user’s home.

movable cubicleMost storage companies allow the users to store their movable cubicles in the company’s own storage facilities. If you are busy enough to go directly to the company’s own storage facilities and store your items, you can also request for a container to be brought to your house, pack your belongings and items into the container and the company will bring back the container to their storage site. If you are planning to take an item from the storage container, just one call to the company and a keeper can bring the item to your house. This is very convenient for people who have businesses or exhibits, where an item can be bought on a certain date, time and place by a storage keeper.

For people who move constantly from one place to another, they can load their movable cubicles anywhere using a truck. This option allows the users to bring all their belongings and things they cherish anywhere they go.


The users of these movable cubicles get to benefit from the container’s flexibility. A movable cubicle can be used for various kinds of activities and projects. It can be used for storing items which are being used anymore or items which are already out of the season. These containers can be also used to store items in a short term basis, if the user is doing a house renovation or remodelling and needs a temporary storage for his or her properties. And most of all, these movable cubicles are used by different people who are moving from one location to another.

Business owners also make use of movable cubicles to store their store stocks. Clothes shops use these containers to store their clothing items as well as pieces who are no longer in use because they are already out of season.

These containers are the ultimate clutter busters. A house owner do not have to worry anymore on where to find a place to store their belongings which are often wasted because of dusts and microbes or where to put their house furniture and things when redecorating and rearranging their homes. These movable cubicles can be used as great storage containers to keep you worry-free in keeping all your items for safekeeping.

3.Immediate Storage

These movable cubicles are made for immediate use; if you need to store some things either for short term or long term basis, you do not need to have storage equipment made for you. A lot of storage companies offer leasing for users who will be using the movable cubicle for short term basis only. These movable cubicles can withstand any weather changes and are all sealed securely for leakage protection. They also come in different sizes and colors, and are fully customizable, depending on the user’s preference and tastes.

Believe or not, the movable cubicle has been used for more than a decade already, and in many different ways too.

The Different Methods of PCB Fabrication

Preparing a PCB for mounting is one of the most important processes of making an electronic device. Without it, you will not be able to do anything with the board. There are four different methods on PCB fabrication. This includes etching, direct plating, copper removal, and send out. Each one of them has an elaborate process to follow so it is best to have a brief knowledge about these methods, especially if you are planning to make an electronic project.

• Etching

This method is the simplest one. It is also the lowest costing method because it only requires several materials in order to effectively make a PCB. In this method, a certain chemical is used to erode unneeded conductor surface, usually cooper. Removing the unneeded copper surface is important because it prevent circuit problems. The most common problem in electronics is short-circuiting devices, and it stops the device from functioning.

In this method of PCB fabrication, you mask the portions of the copper surface that you want to remain. You can do this by using different chemical resistant materials to draw the design of the schematic diagram.

For the chemicals, you can use either ferric Chloride or Ammonium Persulphate.

PCB fabricationFerric Chloride is one of the most effective chemicals. It is also the strongest chemical to use. However, you should be careful while using this. You need to be in an environment in which your prized metal possessions are out of reach because it eats any metals. It is also messy as it stains surfaces and clothes. The most ideal type of Ferric Chloride is the hexahydrate. It can be bought in the form of granules. The way to use it is to dissolve the granules in warm water.

Ammonium Persulphate is another chemical specifically used for corroding copper surfaces. This way, your other metal items would not be eaten by the chemical. It is the most efficient and advisable material to use in etching because it does not stain, it rises quickly, and etches rapidly. However, once this solution has been mixed, it needs to be used within 3 weeks. You should be also careful of materials made of cotton, wool, linen, and other natural fibers because it can destroy those.

• Direct Plating

This method is used in big manufacturing sites. It needs the use of heavy-duty machines. Because of this, it is more ideal in factories due to the price.

• Copper Removal

This is another method of PCB fabrication that is very expensive. A cutter plotter and PCB layout software is utilized in order to directly imprint the needed copper connections on the board. This technique is very slow and is commonly used in making prototypes of newly designed gadgets.

• Send Out

This method is the fastest. This way, you design a schematic diagram on a digital device. The data is then sent out to a PCB fabrication company. However, you need to make sure that the data include all necessary information such as the layout, drawings, and specifications. You must also know the requirements that the chosen company (or Board House) imposes.

This method is hassle free on the part of the sender. It is the most ideal for mass production as the manufacturers handle the fabrication in a fast and easy way. However, if you want to order several pieces, it is not the advised method because it will cost you more. A minimum quantity should be reached before you could place an order.

Despite it being expensive, the send out method results to high quality, professional PCBs that you can develop into a more elaborate device.

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Dress to Impress With Logo Lanyards

If you’re applying for a certain position or attending a company event, then wearing their logo lanyards may just be one of the keys to promotion. That is, if you wear these voluntarily (i.e., they’re not part of the uniform). Why and how? Here are a few things to consider.

They Show Your Style as an Individual

Logo LanyardsWhat you wear can say a lot about you. This is why it is important to learn how to dress to impress. Many people take this fact lightly, but it’s their loss. You need to exude the atmosphere of a serious professional who has a stand on issues the company fights for. This can be done by wearing the proper set of clothes and their accessories.

This Lanyard Shows You and Your Company’s Identity

The logo lanyards contain your company’s name and logo at the very least. At times, they may even contain a slogan or its one of its awareness campaigns (ex., support cancer research). As such, wearing these can send a message that you’re comfortable with being identified with your company. You accept and are proud of being connected to its stands on various issues.

Identifying with your company shows that you trust in your company to take care of you while you do your job in ensuring its success. Your bosses may not cite this as grounds for promotion, but it’s a small thing like this that could spell the difference between you and a co-worker with the same credentials.

They Show That You’re Serious about Your Job

If you always wear your lanyard, then you give off vibes that say you take your position and your company’s name seriously. Lanyards usually carry IDs and keys. Never mind that your neck may sometimes get itchy with constant rubbing from the lanyard. If you constantly take them off and leave them in random places, then you’re risking the security of your company. However, wearing them at all times says you’re willing to sacrifice a few personal inconveniences in exchange for the assurance that company safety is protected.

Wearing Catchy Lanyards Can Get You Noticed

When in a company with the same dozens of faces milling about, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Having a collection of logo lanyards can help you achieve that.

There are different types of lanyards that could be worn for different occasions. Awareness lanyards (containing the proper campaign) could be worn during company social works. They may draw attention from others, and you can impress them with your knowledge on that issue as well as what your company does about it.

If you’re attending a formal event that requires IDs, a braided or flat and colorful lanyard won’t complement your clothes and the setting. A beaded or synthetic leather lanyard would be better. These give off the impression that you take even the smallest details seriously. Being detail oriented can be a very important trait, especially if your job relies heavily on the creation and analysis of figures and charts.

If it’s just another day at work, you can mix and match various combinations of clothes and lanyards. Again, this shows attention to detail. It also highlights your creative potential, since you have an eye for colors and designs. Your co-workers and bosses will notice this and probably label it as quirkiness. However, they also receive a subliminal message that says, “Hey, boss! I enjoy being in this company and am doing my best at work. So please don’t let me go.”

All in all, wearing the logo lanyards shows pleasing traits in an employee: one who identifies with the company, is serious and detail oriented, and cares for the company’s safety.