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Signs That You Have Not Built A Good SEO Ready Website

There are millions of ways that you can put together a website, and some of them will be done for you. If you sign up for free web hosting in a lot of different arenas, you will find that you can set up a simple “squeeze” page for free, and in some arenas you could publish a simple site that gives you leverage moving forward in a variety of arenas. There’s a lot of different options to consider when it comes to look into marketing as a whole. If you want to build the right elements in terms of marketing success, you are going to end up having to deal with a variety of options that are out there, and it will start with building the right type of site, with the right framework.

The code that you use to program a website matters, but more than that, you are going to have to look into a kind of different things that will give you a chance to gain leverage overall. The more you focus on the right elements overall, the higher the chances are that you are going to end up with a proper solution moving forward. Now, with the idea that you are going to build a website or you’ve already set up a site, consider the following signs that you’ve done it wrong, as it is prevalent online.

The Navigation Is Not Clear

You may more think that your navigation is absolutely in the right place, but you should take it to a kid. Take it to a little kid and have them navigate your page. Assuming it is not adult content, you are going to find that this is not as simple as it seems. If your site cannot be moved forward with the help of a child or an elderly person, then you are missing something in terms of your navigation. Not only that, if they cannot or do not answer the call to action that you have in place, then something else has gone awry as well. It’s imperative that you look into this as a whole, and make sure that you’re navigating the right arena online. Navigation is a good thing, and it should be clear, communicated through the right components and isolated away from the complexities of the rest of your page.

The Loading Time Is Terrible

nyseoexplodeYou may load your page fast, you may have fast internet, but not everyone that you are going to be targeting has that. Millions of people today are still on “dial up” and some are still subscribing to things like “AOL”, and you may be shocked. Not only that, there are millions living outside of metropolitan areas and using browsers at the library, and even more are using their phones and tablets to read pages online. You will want things to load fast and if it doesn’t load fast, you are going to end up losing market share, guaranteed. The loading time that you need to implement is a matter of changing out all the code and images, to highlight speed across several different components. If you didn’t do this, you have done something wrong. SEO relies on speed, and search engines denote that.

The Content Isn’t Clear

The content that you are going to be posting online has to be clearly defined and with a purpose. If you don’t have a purpose within the first paragraph of your page, then you are missing out on something overall. You cannot set up a site and expect people to know what it’s all about without providing them explicit details. You may think that the end user is smart, but you have to put that aside and assume that they are navigating your page and niche for the first time. Only then will you have a good overall reach in regards to marketing and content.

The design of your content should drive home the call to action, otherwise, what’s the point? Too often people think that they end up dealing with a variety of issues related to the content problems that they have, and don’t know how to change it. If you aren’t sure how to build this correctly, look at other pages that are within your niche and highlight what they are doing right, then emulate them moving forward. You’ll find that this is a lot easier than you think and could help you gain serious leverage overall.

At the end of the day, you may find that your page isn’t ready for the prime time world of internet marketing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed online. In order to find success, figure out a plan in which you’re hiring a professional to take care of all of this. Professional SEO firms and web designers can help you change the scope of your page and create something that will pay off dividends over time. Remember, you have to focus on the long term elements of marketing, otherwise you will not get anywhere fast. Focusing on the right elements of marketing is the key to working within the world of implementation and design flow. Hire someone that has a proven track record of SEO and you’ll gain serious leverage in the right places, regardless of how your site is built.

You could look into nyseoexplode forums that are going to show how to get SEO done and move forward within the right arenas.

Dress to Impress With Logo Lanyards

If you’re applying for a certain position or attending a company event, then wearing their logo lanyards may just be one of the keys to promotion. That is, if you wear these voluntarily (i.e., they’re not part of the uniform). Why and how? Here are a few things to consider.

They Show Your Style as an Individual

Logo LanyardsWhat you wear can say a lot about you. This is why it is important to learn how to dress to impress. Many people take this fact lightly, but it’s their loss. You need to exude the atmosphere of a serious professional who has a stand on issues the company fights for. This can be done by wearing the proper set of clothes and their accessories.

This Lanyard Shows You and Your Company’s Identity

The logo lanyards contain your company’s name and logo at the very least. At times, they may even contain a slogan or its one of its awareness campaigns (ex., support cancer research). As such, wearing these can send a message that you’re comfortable with being identified with your company. You accept and are proud of being connected to its stands on various issues.

Identifying with your company shows that you trust in your company to take care of you while you do your job in ensuring its success. Your bosses may not cite this as grounds for promotion, but it’s a small thing like this that could spell the difference between you and a co-worker with the same credentials.

They Show That You’re Serious about Your Job

If you always wear your lanyard, then you give off vibes that say you take your position and your company’s name seriously. Lanyards usually carry IDs and keys. Never mind that your neck may sometimes get itchy with constant rubbing from the lanyard. If you constantly take them off and leave them in random places, then you’re risking the security of your company. However, wearing them at all times says you’re willing to sacrifice a few personal inconveniences in exchange for the assurance that company safety is protected.

Wearing Catchy Lanyards Can Get You Noticed

When in a company with the same dozens of faces milling about, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Having a collection of logo lanyards can help you achieve that.

There are different types of lanyards that could be worn for different occasions. Awareness lanyards (containing the proper campaign) could be worn during company social works. They may draw attention from others, and you can impress them with your knowledge on that issue as well as what your company does about it.

If you’re attending a formal event that requires IDs, a braided or flat and colorful lanyard won’t complement your clothes and the setting. A beaded or synthetic leather lanyard would be better. These give off the impression that you take even the smallest details seriously. Being detail oriented can be a very important trait, especially if your job relies heavily on the creation and analysis of figures and charts.

If it’s just another day at work, you can mix and match various combinations of clothes and lanyards. Again, this shows attention to detail. It also highlights your creative potential, since you have an eye for colors and designs. Your co-workers and bosses will notice this and probably label it as quirkiness. However, they also receive a subliminal message that says, “Hey, boss! I enjoy being in this company and am doing my best at work. So please don’t let me go.”

All in all, wearing the logo lanyards shows pleasing traits in an employee: one who identifies with the company, is serious and detail oriented, and cares for the company’s safety.